Feeding animals means feeding people

Feeding animals means feeding people – we are aware of this responsibility. This is why we focus strongly on quality, which is obviously linked to safety for people, animals and the environment. We are therefore committed to complying with all requirements to implement our responsibility.

Tested quality management systems, such as the comprehensive QS testing system, help us to achieve this. Regularly performed internal and external audits verify compliance with product and process requirements, e.g. for raw material acceptance and storage, the manufacturing our products or implementing the so-called feedstuff monitoring.

Feedstuff monitoring continuously controls e.g. compliance with maximum contents and QS guidelines for mycotoxins, environmental toxins, crop protection products, microorganisms or heavy metals. This is achieved with extensive laboratory analyses. We use a defined procedure to select manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of raw materials as well as forwarders. They all need to have QS authorisation or certification. Moreover, it is a matter of course for our company to consistently raise our employees’ awareness for our quality philosophy and therefore our sense of responsibility, to train them, and to support them in their activities. Responsibility, credibility and reliability are our top priorities. We believe that this is the basis for a trusting and successful collaboration.

Our feedstuff facilities are all certified according to QS. In the following, you can download all of the required certificates:

Sögel production site
Lindern-Stühlenfeld production site
The agron company locations are certified according to the DIN EN ISO 500001:2011 Energy Management System: